Architectural Draughting & Design

10th Birthday

In 2015 a significant milestone was reached by AP Design - its 10th Birthday!

From humble beginnings, with Allan Pritchard setting up a new computer in his front bedroom, AP Design has grown, and sustained steady growth during a tumultuous period in Christchurch's history.  

From that front room it wasn't long before an old Butcher's shop in Retreat Road was given a new lease of life.  At first Allan and his first employees Jared Lane and Lynn MacDonald were camped out in the old cool room.  Then following an extensive renovation (during which time they worked out of a neighbour's garage) they were able to enjoy their new surrounds for a few years before the devastating 2010 earthquakes hit.  Therein followed a nomadic existence, working in various crooked houses and temporary digs before they moved into their new home at 128 Montreal Street.

10 years is a long time in business - and following the earthquakes many businesses collapsed.  AP Design has learnt, adapted, and grown due to the hard work, dedication, and patience of it's staff and clients.