Architectural Draughting & Design

The Laboratory - Lincoln

Possibly one of the longest and most unique projects we have worked on, Lincoln's newest 'Micro-Brewery and Gastro-Pub' was completed in June 2015. It forms a cornerstone to the redeveloped Lincoln Town Centre – anchoring one side of the Village Green.

From staggering through ruined buildings, and dickering over the price of salvage – to round table meetings with Council over the layout and planning, AP Design and the team led by Jared Lane and Adam Cooper have soldiered through the process from napkin sketch to on-site support.

When the Twisted Hop in Poplar Lane Christchurch was closed following the 2010 earthquakes Martin and Lisa were keen to relocate their operation closer to home in Lincoln. Several properties and designs were looked at – but the building really began to take shape once certain key recycled components were sourced. The largest being 100 year old timber trusses recovered from the Wards Brewery on Fitzgerald Avenue (from under the diggers claw no less), as well as recycled bricks, timber floors, doors, windows, stairs, panels, and the old bar from the Hororata Pub. The building is a testament to materials from a lost Christchurch.

Several challenges have been faced during the build – including the original contractor going bust! However it is the determination and vision of the owners, Lisa and Martin Bennett that has defined this building. Quirky, Flavorsome, Unique – and that's just the beers they brew!