Architectural Draughting & Design

32 Peacock St

Part of Christchurch's intensive inner city residential zone, 32 Peacock Street originally housed four terrace houses built in the 1980s – but which were largely destroyed in the 2011 earthquake. This higher density style of living is exactly what the Christchurch City Council are envisioning for these areas – however unlike many sites in the city, 32 Peacock Street is blessed with a predominately East / West orientation which allows for better access to sunlight.


The owners of the townhouses all loved their old homes, with their iconic zig zag gables and the decision to rebuild with only minor changes was the easiest part of the process! Extensive Resource Consent issues – to simply re-establish a building as it was – served to highlight what is an ongoing issue with the Christchurch City Rebuild. However AP Design were there to fight through the onerous planning process – as absurd and Kafkaesque as it often became.


By comparison the construction process ran smoothly. Now the freshly minted townhouses strike a cool and timeless profile along an inner city street famous for it's eclectic mix of housing styles. The irony of it all being that the Council now refer applicants to look at these townhouses an an example of a preferred development style. Classic Design has won out on the day!