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Tai Tapu Container House

In pre-earthquake Christchurch Samuel Hudson and the client Marek Kuziel, dreamed up a scheme for a container house over a few beers at the old Dux De Lux. Marek, a qualified Electrician and Welder in his native Slovakia would be doing most of the work himself, and his experiences with the self build process can be viewed at his blog:

Essentially a series of containers around a large open plan central living space, from the exterior the house looks like a normal suburban home. The cladding hides the exterior insulation, and protects the containers from the elements. Inside the containers have been left exposed. The effect is surprisingly cosy and comfortable. The steel walls deflect sound and have created a unique and cosy family home.

Added to this is the sense of drama and surprise when visitors enter the house for the first time. Their expectation are undone when they literally see the steel bones of the house. It also goes without saying that having a solid steel house with welded connections has meant that despite the thousands of quakes that have shaken the region since 2010 the Kuziel house hasn't moved an inch!