Architectural Draughting & Design

Yaldhurst Container House

To be featured on Season Two of Grand Designs NZ (or season 3, depending on how fast the welder works) this large and challenging house is built from Shipping Containers.

Here at AP Design we have been involved in several container projects, and have earned a reputation as being experts on the subject. We have spoken to the media several times on the pro's and con's of building with these stubborn steel boxes.  Our oft noted response being 'keep them as they are, or forget any savings'.  This client was determined and passionate to cut, weld, splice and stack them up, and we were just as happy to help draw the scheme.

Featuring wide open spaces, framed by the unique structure provided by a shipping container, the building is slowly taking shape around the open plan living space at the heart of the house (it is pretty useful to park your ute on as well!)

We will be keeping an eye on progress and updating the photos as the build proceeds, and who knows? in a few years time we will all know the answer to Kevin McCloud's perennial question "So, how much did you spend?"