Architectural Draughting & Design

Isleworth Primary School

This is a good example of some of the smaller projects we do for schools. After all not everything is a new classroom block, and sometimes the smaller jobs are the ones that require the most attention and creativity.  Also despite the size of the project there are still all the usual issues of procurement, time frames and the coordination of large trucks and diggers around small and very interested people!

Isleworth School had an old swimming pool and concrete block changing sheds - which were no longer required.  The project was to remove them, and then remodel the space into an outdoor play area - on quite a tight budget!  The main focus was for a shaded seating area for eating lunches.  Also it was pointed out that the kids love to ride their scooters around the school - and so an idea was born!

The custom designed seating, school colour shade-sail, planting schedules and 'roadway network' were all designed in office.  What was a neglected corner of the school has now become a vibrant and fun space - built to the tight budget, and enjoyed by all.