Architectural Draughting & Design

Tinwald Primary School

Ashburton is a Mid Canterbury town on the go!

The district is booming with an influx of people attracted to its strong economy, and small schools such as Tinwald Primary are finding their rolls shooting through the roof!

To this end AP Design was appointed to design a new block of two classrooms, and to help the school develop a plan to address their projected growth over the next ten years. Part of this involved relocating the admin block – the first step in creating a series of campus like courtyards and linking walkways – all intended to help unify what is a school broken up by long classroom blocks.

The new classroom block tied into an existing classroom, and created a huge covered outdoor learning area. The materials and look of the building was cohesive with and complementary to the existing school buildings. The bright, colorful interior – which had some detractors at first – was an absolute triumph on the day the ribbon was cut.